To invest also
means to shape

The world is changing and our responsibility is growing.


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The global economy is facing major changes and is moving from the analogue to the digital world. Global climate change brings considerable challenges for politics and the economy.

The internationally orientated Millennium Global Opportunities Fund is a globally investing multi-asset fund which has been successfully invested in the markets for almost two decades and views these current changes as an opportunity which is, in turn, reflected in its portfolio.

The millennial generation, as the biggest global demographic group, represents the drivers and beneficiaries of this new and dynamic economic development. The world is facing many economic changes which are resulting from a change in consumer behaviour and a desire for sustainable management. Companies will adapt to this new environment and the journey from the “old” to the “new” economy will be accompanied by many opportunities as well as risks. We want to use these opportunities without ignoring the risks and, in this way, generate a long term attractive return.

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The future starts now

To invest in the future today signifies economic stability and return opportunities for the generations of tomorrow.

We invest in companies which, with visionary and innovative methods, develop technologies, products and services for the future challenges of our world. Key areas include the sectors of health and nutrition, transport and mobility, education and communication as well as consumerism and industry.

Sustainability is the basis for investments in the future

In its selection of companies, the fund also takes sustainable investment aspects such as environmental protection and social and responsible corporate management into consideration.

With our cooperation with the GOOD GROWTH INSTITUTE, sustainable investment criteria are also incorporated into our investment decisions. We expect the companies in which we invest to have a corporate policy which is orientated to fair and sound business models and that their share price developments are reflected in a higher return through this. With the avoidance of business models and practices which are not orientated to sustainability e.g. energy generation which is harmful to the environment, arms production or the violation of human or employment rights, we want to fulfil the ever-growing ethical demands of our investors.

Growth and Return

Assess the risks and benefit in the long term

With our concept we want to appeal to all investors who wish to invest in future-orientated investments for their private pension provisions. Despite the investing patterns of private investors in Germany remaining traditionally low risk, it will not be possible to avoid a material asset orientated investment. As a mixed asset fund with an excellent track record of almost two decades and an investment policy orientated towards sustainability, the Millennium Global Opportunities Fund offers an answer for the risk-conscious and socially responsible investor.