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Henning Gebhardt is the new managing director at HollyHedge

Frankfurt am Main, 9.9.2021 – HollyHedge Consult GmbH is pleased to announce that Henning Gebhardt will be joining the company as managing partner and future managing director. Together with Christoph Lampert, he will also manage the Millennium Global Opportunities multi-asset fund which was successfully launched almost 20 years ago by Frank Zinnecker.

“We are very pleased that we have gained a proven capital market expert in Henning Gebhardt, who has a very successful track record in managerial positions in asset and wealth management at DWS as well as Berenberg. He will support HollyHedge Consult GmbH in the further development of the fund as well as the development of the company. We are certain that we will be able to benefit from his proven expertise in fund management and have, at the same time, found in him an outstanding successor for Frank Zinnecker,” said managing directors Christoph Lampert and Frank Zinnecker.

For Henning Gebhardt the role represents an exciting challenge. “By joining HollyHedge as managing partner and fund manager of the Millennium Global Opportunities Fund, I will be intensively working on the development of the company as well as the fund. Although I am better known for the performance of my equity funds, I have also successfully managed multi-asset funds in the past. In the low interest rate environment, investors seek appealing investments and in the coming years pension provisions will be repositioned. We hope that we can offer investors an interesting investment alternative and further develop the company. Christoph Lampert and I have already known each other for almost 25 years and I look forward to further years together as partners of the company.”

HollyHedge Consult GmbH launched the predecessor fund Millennium Global Opportunities (WKN 983449) in 2003. In 2020, the Millennium Global Opportunities Fund, once again, won the 10-year-period Lipper Funds Award in the Absolute Return category. The fund, which currently has 45 million euros AUM, also holds a five-star Morningstar rating. Its equity focus is on companies operating in rapidly growing future trends.

Henning Gebhardt has more than 25 years’ experience in the capital markets and has worked for DWS and Berenberg. He also uses his extensive experience as a supervisory board member and angel investor, although capital markets remain his passion. As a fund manager of equity as well as multi-asset funds, he has won several awards and was named fund manager of 2016 by Euro am Sonntag finance magazine.

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Tesla share: Are we missing something?

Tesla is a great company that has driven electric mobility worldwide and is pushing the established competition ahead of it. However, the price of the share has long since escaped reality. The shrinking lead in one of the core competencies such as battery technology, as well as the massive increase in competition in all other areas of the company’s operations, is currently being ignored by the disciples of Tesla stock.

You can find the article (in German) here.

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