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Henning Gebhardt is the new managing director at HollyHedge

Frankfurt am Main, 9.9.2021 – HollyHedge Consult GmbH is pleased to announce that Henning Gebhardt will be joining the company as managing partner and future managing director. Together with Christoph Lampert, he will also manage the Millennium Global Opportunities multi-asset fund which was successfully launched almost 20 years ago by Frank Zinnecker.

Tesla share: Are we missing something?

Tesla is a great company that has driven electric mobility worldwide and is pushing the established competition ahead of it. However, the price of the share has long since escaped reality. The shrinking lead in one of the core competencies such as battery technology, as well as the massive increase in competition in all other areas of the company’s operations, is currently being ignored by the disciples of Tesla stock.

You can find the article (in German) here.