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Factsheet – Current Fund Information

Millennium Global Opportunities is a euro-dominated, mixed asset distributing fund which is offered in two categories – as a mutual fund and for institutional investors with a varying fee structure.

Henning Gebhardt and Christoph Lampert, as managing partners of HollyHedge Consult GmbH, are advisors to the Millennium Global Opportunities Fund (formerly HAIG Return Global) of HansaInvest Hanseatische Investment GmbH in Hamburg. The company is subject to the liability umbrella of BN & Partners Capital AG in Erftstadt (disclaimer). The fund manager is GREIFF capital management AG in Freiburg.

Sustainability - Millennium Global Opportunities

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Millennium Global Opportunities P

the fund for the private investor

Millennium Global Opportunities P I

the fund for the institutional investor from 50,000 euro

Millennium Global Opportunities BPI

the fund for the institutional investor from 100,000 euro

An award-winning investment

The fund, launched in 2003, has maintained a high level of quality for many years and won numerous awards from leading rating agencies including a 5* Morningstar rating and the Lipper Fund Award in the Absolute Return category.

  • Winner of Lipper Fund Award 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2020
  • Best Fund over 5- and 10-year periods in the category Absolute Return EUR High, among others

Complex market situations require clear decisions.

Opportunity and risk-orientated – research-based – sustainable

The Investment Process

Analysis develops into investment

The world in the 21st century faces major challenges and the coming decades of this century will be defined by many changes. The young generation will structure their lives differently to what “we” were accustomed to and opportunities as well as risks arise from this. The Millennium Global Opportunities Fund follows an active and opportunistic investment policy to benefit from these varied opportunities and trends. Furthermore, an active security management of currencies, interest and equity markets as well as futures and options represents an important element of the investment policy with view to risk control. Likewise, since 2018, risk management has also included consideration of sustainability aspects. Furthermore, with our cooperation with the Good Growth Institute, we benefit from first class expertise.

Our notice

Millennium Global Opportunities is available both as a savings plan and as an individual investment. For investment amounts above 50,000 EUR, we recommend opting for the PI asset class.

If you would like to seek further advice, we would be happy to recommend an independent consultant to you. If you have any further questions, please contact us using the email address below: